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Sample sale

Before you book...

Welcome to our stock sale!

We will be selling a selection of our showroom dresses at discounted prices (up to 60% off) on 4/11/2022 to make room for our new collection.

How does it work?

Book in your morning or afternoon slot through our booking tool below.

First come, first serve: brides who book an early appointment will have a better chance of securing their favourite dress. We do not reserve dresses, you will have to decide on the spot.

You can only shop these dresses on the appointed date, which is 4/11/2022. 

You'll be allowed to take a maximum of 4 pieces into the changing room, before you try on any other styles. We do this to ensure shorter wait lines. 

Please take only 1 other person with you!


All our showroom gowns are a size 38-40-42, they can be adjusted by a seamstress to your size (this is not included in the price of the dress).

Gowns will be available to take with you immediately.

Be sure to take a credit card with you.

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