• Another Korean favorite! Brows are the still big!

    This brow mascara will fill them in nicely and shape them as you please.

    The slim brush exquisitely enhances each and every of brow hairs

    The slim, delicate brush exquisitely enhances and cleanly refines the brow's texture to create a three-dimensional brow look.

    Resistant to water and sweat, the fixing formula is powerfully set on the brow to retain the brow tint all day long.
    *Use cleansing oil or lip & eye remover when removing this product.


    Brow Mascara

    • How to use

      Apply by brushing brow hairs starting from the inner edge of your brow and moving outward to the tail. Gently brush brows in the inner edge in short upward strokes to enhance individual brow hairs.