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    Restore and balance your complexion with our all natural ginseng repair serum. Cruelty free and no nasties!



    Ginseng repair resum

    • Dry l Normal l Combination l Mature l Acne

      This luxurious serum will help your skin repair itself. Made from 63% Ginseng root water and 3% snail mucin (a very popular beauty ingredient in Korea). Enriched with Hangbang, a tradional herbal medicine, and licorice root.

      Snail secretion filtrate stimulates the regeneration of skin cells to help restore damaged skin and prevent skin ageing. It contains collagen and elastin that help maintain skin elasticity, synergistically improving wrinkles with ginseng.

      Ginseng is known to promote hydration (moisturization effect) of the skin. It helps to protect the skin from external stimuli by retaining moisture deep in the skin for a long time.

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