• Olive & Juno

    The ultimate relaxation giftbox for the bride that wants to feel pampered. Enjoy some of our products for less ànd either buy this box with or without our easy wedding planning e-guide.

    The Olive & Juno Giftbox

    • This giftbox includes some of our bestselling products:

      . Calming serum by Beauty of Joseon

      A serum that stimulates suppleness of the skin and soothes redness or sensitive skin.

      . Circulating body oil by Aromatica

      Oil for balancing mind and body and moisturized skin.

      . Small cleansing balm by Heimish

      A compact balm that hydrates the skin and removes impurities and make-up.

      . Apricot peeling mask by Beauty of Joseon

      A mild peeling gel made from natural hanbang for smooth and glowing skin.

      . Milky bath salt

      . Code for downloading our wedding planning e-guide (optional)

    • You can buy this box for a bride or a non-bride, simply choose between the options with or without our e-guide on planning a wedding. 

      Our guide is seriously discounted when purchasing this giftbox, so a great extra! But even without the guide you still save a few bucks when buying all these products together.

      If you do buy the option with the guide, the bride will receive a unique code with which she can download the guide for free from our website.

      If you want to include a note, please let us know.