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When does the search begin?

Ideally our brides start looking for their dream dress 12 - 10 months before tying the knot, and make the final decision around 10 - 7 months prior to the wedding. This allows us enough time for any necessary dress alterations.

For the last minute brides: Most of our designers do process rush orders, but keep in mind there will be an extra charge.

For our styling sessions: If you would like us to do your hair and make-up on your wedding day, make sure you book in a try-out session well in advance. This assures your wedding date is still available should you decide to go with our service. 

Who should I take with me?

Wedding dress shopping is quite an exciting experience, it is only logical you want to share it with your loved ones.

However, we do advise our brides to minimise their bridal party to a maximum of 4 people (bride included). In our experience finding the right dress can become very overwhelming when too many people (and opinions) are present. We find our brides have a better chance of finding a dress that truly represents who they are when they are surrounded by a small circle of their closest friends and family.


For our hair and make-up sessions we prefer our clients to come alone, or with one other person.  

Can I book in a hair & makeup try out if I am not a bride?

Yes of course you can! If you need your hair and/or makeup done for a special event, party, prom... you are very welcome to book in any of our styling services. You can book in a 'try out' session if you would like to test your look first or just book in your appointment on the day of the event and we will do your styling on the spot.


You can find our prices on our booking page.  

Your budget

Our dresses range between 1.500€ - 4.900€.

Please refer to our brand page to get a better grasp of each designer's price range. 

Returns and Cancellations

Each of our dresses is handmade especially for you. Our designers start working on your dress from the moment we place your order, it is therefor not possible to return or cancel an order. All sales are final. 

But rest assured, we want you to fall in love with your dress in your own time. We will never push you to buy something you are not a 100% sure of. 

How long will my appointment take?

First fitting

Each first fitting appointment lasts 2 hours. This allows us enough time to get to know you and the type of dress you are looking for, and to try on a good selection of dresses. Not completely sure yet? We are happy to book you in for a new fitting session. 

Hair and/or Make-up try-out

We foresee 1,5 hour for a make-up and hair try-out session, 1 hour for either hair or make-up. 

If you would like to combine a fitting and styling appointment, please be sure to book in two successive appointments. 

What should I take with me?

If you happen to already be in possession of your wedding shoes, be sure to take them. Do not worry if you are not, we have several pairs in different heights and sizes present in our showroom.

Secondly, try to bring very subtle, seamless (preferably nude) underwear with you. If you feel more comfortable wearing a bra in your dress please bring one too, ideally strapless, or even better, backless (so many options these days!) and with a big cleavage plunge.  


Please don't wear any heavy foundation or bronzer (especially not on your chest) to prevent our dresses from staining. 


To make sure your gown has the ultimate fit we work with two very experienced seamstresses. Keep in mind this service is not included in the price of the dress.  



Our sample sizes

Our sample sizes range from a European 38 - 40. During your fitting we will always try to fit our sample gowns to your body the best we can. Do not worry if you can not find your size in our range, our dresses are made to measure.

Do keep in mind that some of our brands do not produce dresses over size 40, please contact us regarding our size policy. We are happy to help!




For the time being all our orders are paid through bank transfer. We ask for a 70% advance, the remaining 30% and alteration costs can be paid at the second fitting. We start processing your order immediately after receiving the advance.

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