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Your wedding dress

Our core business is beautiful, flowy and unconventional wedding dresses.


During your first fitting appointment we will let you try on as many styles as you like. Once you found a dress we will have you come into our showroom a few more times to meet with our tailor and make any necessary adjustments. Your dress should fit just right.

All our dresses are custom made, so please allow enough time between your first fitting and your wedding date. 

Find more info on our appointments here

Hair and Makeup

Having worked as a hair and makeup artist for quite some years, I am happy to offer my services on your big day. 

At Olive & Juno we like to look beyond the well known messy braided updo, and create new, fresh looks that suit you and your dress. 

Though we love helping out our brides, anyone who needs to be prepped and styled for a party or event is welcome at our studio. 

We do all our styling services at our showroom. We do offer to come to your home on the day of the wedding. This is free of charge if you live within range of our showroom. 

For more info on our hair and makeup service, please read our FAQ. Look up prices here

Image by Steve Johnson
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Image by Annie Spratt
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Party Dresses


We have a beautiful selection of party dresses available in our showroom. Perfect for bridesmaids, wedding guests, or really just anyone who wants to up their wardrobe. These dresses are something you'll want to wear again. 

They come in different styles and colors. Great for mixing and matching or sticking to a certain color scheme. 


As a modern day company that trades in fashion we want to rethink the way we sell and buy clothing. By working with made-on-demand pieces, we want to offer our clients a greener fashion alternative.

How it works

Our party dresses are, like our bridal gowns, made-on-demand. We have about 10 different models in our showroom and each model comes in different colors. Meaning: you can choose the best fit for you and order in any available color you like. Currently our production time is 5 months (Thanks covid!), so book AHEAD! You can check out our selection on Instagram.


You can expect to pay about 350€ for a gown. When an order is placed for over two people, group discounts apply. Be aware: alterations (like shortening hemlines, adjusting straps, taking in the waist...) are not included in this price. If needed, tailoring can be done in our boutique, but you are also free to have it done elsewhere. 


Join the Olive & Juno gang!

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