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  • Abib


    A non-greasy spf stick that leaves you feeling hydrated and fresh. No white residue.



    Sun stick SPF 50+

    • This SPF 50+ PA+++ stick is the perfect on-the-go protection against the sun. Korea is known for its excellent skincare and sun protection products. Their strength lies in the easy packaging and lightweightness of the SPF. 

      This Abib SPF stick is the easiest to apply and will not leave behind a greasy or white film after using. You can apply this stick underneath or on top of your make-up, making it easy to re-apply throughout the day. It's not even necessary to look in a mirror, and guaranteed to not start leaking in your eyes.

      The stick is only very lightly fragnanced, and will give your skin a refreshed and soothing feeling when applying. 

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