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Wedding Guest Styling

  • 1 hour
  • Vaartstraat


Do you have a wedding to attend but difficulty finding attire? Let us help you! Wether you are a mother of the bride, witness or a bridesmaid squad looking for matching dresses, we got your back. Together with you, for any budget and independent from any fashion brand or store, we will find the perfect outfit for you. First we'll start with a little take-in chat. Here we'll establish what you are looking for, what the occasion is, your budget, sizes, preferences... Once I got all of that sorted I will start looking for a number of outfits that fit the occasion, tailored to your personality and style, and suitable for your body type. Although I will take your wishes into account, I will also help you step outside of your comfort zone so you can try new things too. We'll set a date to present the outfits to you in our store. You'll be able to try all of them on at ease in the comfort of our store, get advice and an honest opinion. Given the sizing is right, you can take your favorite outfit home with you immediately, or have it altered by our tailor. Didn't find what you were looking for? We'll go for another round! The number of outfits that will be presented to you depends on your budget. We present a minimum of 5 outfits for 100€. The price of the outfit itself is NOT included in our styling service price.

Contact Details

  • Vaartstraat 71, Leuven, Belgium

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