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About us


Olive & Juno wants to change yesterday's idea of 'the bridal store'. 

We aspire to be a place where the fashion forward bride feels at home, offering a carefully curated collection of gowns. Inspired by stories of eternal love, the looks in our store all share a certain romantic quality. Our gowns are handmade from luxurious silks and fine lace, their loose fit adds to their dreamy appearance and the bride's comfort.

A fitting appointment with us should be fun and creative, we want to encourage our brides to try on as many styles as they like, giggle with their entourage and have a little drink as if they were at home. Our goal is to create an experience the whole bridal party enjoys, but above all else we want our brides to look and feel beautiful.


At Olive & Juno we try to look beyond 'that one dress', we guide our brides in finding their whole wedding look. With our many years of experience in the beauty industry we will gladly help out our brides (and their party) with their 'do' and make-up. We create natural, fresh and fashion forward looks. 


Have a look at our showroom here and find all the info you need for your upcoming appointment in the FAQ section.    

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